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What we do

Easy Adaptive Wear Ltd is a company that provides quality adaptive underwear and basics to those with permanent or temporary mobility issues. With our products we want to bring a sense of normality and aim to bring clothing equality, in terms of availability / quality / price, to anyone with mobility issues! Our products aim to help maintain independence & dignity for users and cause less strain for carers. We care about our customers and promise to listen to them and grow accordingly.


Adaptive Underwear

Our signature product is high quality underwear for men and women that open at both sides with either snap buttons or Velcro tabs making it easy to put on / take off for customers and carers alike.

A Basic line of quality adaptive clothing

We also have a line of quality adaptive clothing (T-shirts, vests, nightwear, loungewear) for anyone with mobility issues. We know that you are looking for clothing that is of high quality, is easy to care for and able to withstand repeated washing at high temperatures.


Comfortable Disposable Cotton Underwear

In addition to our high quality cotton underwear we also offer briefs for men and midis for women in a disposable cotton material. These are designed and used in the same way as our standard underwear with side openings, however the intent is for them to be disposed of after single usage. These products are ideal for hospitals, care homes and other institutions that care for patients with permanent or temporary mobility issues.


Why we do it

There are numerous examples of injuries, illnesses, accidents etc. that would make it difficult for someone to put on underwear, or other clothing for that matter, in a conventional manner. These groups of people would have no real option apart from asking for help, adapting existing underwear in some way, wearing nothing or wearing adult nappies. For many, most of these options are undesirable.


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We care about the environment, so our packaging and products are recyclable. We work to reduce our carbon footprint whilst trying to provide you with quality clothing at competitive prices.

Company Information

Easy Adaptive Wear Ltd Registered number: 8135803


Registered address: Kemp House, Suite 927, 152 City Street, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom



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